Darwin Pricing sells from Switzerland to São Paulo with Clozer

Darwin Pricing sells from Switzerland to São Paulo with Clozer

Sébastien Fauvel, CEO and Founder of Darwin Pricing based in Basel Switzerland joined Clozer in March.

His company Darwin Pricing provides a Dynamic Pricing Solution For Geo-Targeted Price Optimization. Which in English means they help smaller companies compete with the bigger retailers. People browse e-commerce websites from the shopping mall. And they just love to compare prices. Darwin Pricing helps smaller prices compete on price. Its a great SaaS tool that changes prices automatically to help smaller companies win more business.

Sébastien hired a Clozer in São Paulo to sell his SaaS pricing software to the Brazilian market.

He says ‘it would be impossible for me to sell Darwin Pricing in Brazil without a Clozer. I don’t know the language or cultural insights to proposition the product or sell it. Clozer eliminates the costs of recruiting, hiring and managing a sales guy.’

By simply using Clozer to connect with sales professionals, any product or service has the opportunity to enter a new market in the safe hands of a well-connected and knowledgeable sales expert.

”Before if we got a lead in São Paulo, I would have to pay travel expenses to get there. I don’t know the culture, the language or the customs. Inevitably this affects the likelihood of the deal clozing,”

Clozer connects you to a local sales professional, someone with industry knowledge, potential contacts to your buyer and insight into local cultural nuances. The sales professional will attend the meeting as if they were a member of your own team.

We’ve looking forward to seeing great things from Darwin Pricing and clozing more of Sébastien deals.

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