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Why use Clozer?

Clozer gives businesses the ability to effortlessly expand by providing access to freelance sales professionals with industry knowledge and contacts to generate leads and cloze your deals.

Expand globally

Local Clozers with specific industry knowledge give your business the competitive edge with local insights and personal contacts.

Solve Cash Flow Issues

With Clozer you have the option to pay commission once the deal is closed and you have been paid.

Tested and Verified

Our Clozers are verified and reviewed. They go through rigorous testing to ensure they have what it takes to do the business for you.

Automated Matching

We match sales professionals by matching on industry knowledge.

Meet Shelly

Shelley is a Clozer who clozes deals in the biotech industry. Hear what she has to say.

Your competitors are using Clozer, why aren't you?

Clozer gives businesses the ability to effortlessly expand by providing instant access to freelance sales professionals.

Unlimited access to 124,000 Clozers + direct recruitment

Expansion opportunities and market insights

Automated matching to the best person to cloze your deal

Training for each Clozer that represents your business

"My SaaS business desperately needed experienced professionals to do enterprise sales for us. I've been working with Maureen, Jo and Martin for 3 months. Their expertise are second to none and they bring new leads to my business AND the drive to close them! Clozer makes trusting a sales guy/girl at a distance, easy."

John Wood


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I trust a stranger to sell for my business?

Clozers are verified, tested and reviewed. We ask for passport verification at a minmum. Then we verify deals they previously clozed outside the platform by calling the customers they sold to. We spend $$$ for training Clozers who work for you via our Academy. You will also be able to interview your candidates before selecting who is the best fit.

Q: How do I train Clozers?

All of our sales professionals are provided with on-going sales training. For specific product training, we provide you with an easy to use tool that allows you to communicate your product to the Clozer fast.

Q: How do I hold Clozers accountable?

Before a Clozer represents your business we verify 3 deals they have clozed by calling customers. Clozers live and die by their reviews. They can command high premium on our platform. We incentivize good performance.

Q: How can I trust Clozer?

Verification and matching is where we spend most of our money. Our brand depends on putting the right Clozer in front of the right buyer. We manually verify all companies and Clozers to ensure facts are correct.

Q: What happens after I subscribe?

After you've gone through our verification process which includes looking at your legal entity (you can use Clozer without one, but need to explain why) then we take you through our on-boarding process and create a custom made dashboard for you to use to recruit, manage and cloze deals with your clozers. Customer acquisition costs kill startups and small business. Clozer saves you big bucks in salary recruiting a sales person hiring and onboarding training and managing

Q: What are the costs?

Posting a deal is free. This will be advertised to all Clozers. You must pay per hour, until you have a $1,000 spend, then you will eligible to 'Pay per Cloze'. Which means you give a percentage of your deal, if they cloze it, nothing if they don't. Clozers will work on commission only for a company without reviews on the platform. Hence the importance of initially offering pay per hour. All invoices and payments happen through Clozer. Count on a simple and streamlined process. With Clozer Payment Protection, you only pay for work you authorize.

Q: Are experienced sales people happy to work on commission only? That seems too good to be true.

This depends on the value and the quality of your deal. The best will work on commission only if they see the deal can be clozed. If its a harder sell, you will pay per hour. The business intelligence you get from a Clozer, can be an incredible asset to move more of your deals to cloze. Remember, it would cost you salary and benefits to hire a sales professional.

Q: Do I provide the leads or do you?

Both. Depending on where your business is in the sales cycle. We will do lead generation for you based on findings from the on-boarding call. We will ask for information about your company targets and your competitors so we can find and qualify deals with the best chances of being clozed.

Satisfied Companies

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“I often find myself wishing for a body double to attend sales pitches. With Clozer, I get just that! I love how easy it is to find someone to represent our company, in any city in the world. I will definitely be using Clozer long-term across all my businesses.”

Sahil Coujar

Heckler Inc.

“Winning new customers is the toughest part of my job. I'm a filmmaker and producer, not a sales guy. With Clozer I can outsource that part of the business to a professional, with zero risk. Clozers have got me 3 new deals for making corporate films. I AM THRILLED.”

Lawrence Richards


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Hear how Robi Rahman is using Clozer to expand his business to new territories.

Customer acquisition costs kill startups and small business. Clozer saves you:


Recruiting a sales person


Hiring and onboarding


Training and managing

Save $35,000 average sales rep salary. Cloze deals freelance.

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