It all starts with our standards.

Every community has standards, and ours is no different. We’ve created standards and expectations to help keep our community safe, and to help everyone on Clozer create win-wins. Great commissions, interesting sales work and deals Clozed.


Companies and Clozers can scan a government ID and connect other online profiles to their Clozer account.

Profile & Reviews

Get to know your company or Clozer through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.


Sales is about talking to each other. Our easy messaging system allow you to stay in touch anywhere.

We handle the money so you don’t have to.

A Secure Platform

Companies pay through Clozer when they hire a Clozer. Clozers receive payment through us when the deal is clozed or the hours have been submitted. With all the transactions taken care of, all you have to do is cloze deals.

We’re here to help, 24/7.

Connect with our world-class customer support team whenever you’re clozing sales or looking to cloze. They’re real humans, and they’re available around the clock, anywhere in the world. Live chat with us.

Still have questions?

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