Responsible Clozing

Here at Clozer we believe passionately in clozing sales, everywhere and anywhere. But not those that involve hurting employees or anyone else in the process.

In the very beginning we decided we wanted to serve companies who improve the lives of their customers and their employees. Who added to and renewed the ecosystem they belonged to, not depleted it.

We took the decision to become an invite only company to carefully craft the deals we have on the platform. And to accept companies who don’t meet our ethical considerations. Our test is, if 3 or more people in the office think it shouldn’t be sold, on ethical grounds, we reject the company.

We are all part of making the world a better place. Especially sales people. And we believe we have a duty to serve Clozers deals that make the world a better place.

This isn’t just about rejecting weapons or gambling companies. Its about working together to make the world a place our children want to grow up in.

For more information, about responsible business is a great documentary titled ‘The True Cost’ on the impact of doing business fairly, focusing on the fashion industry.

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